Effervescent Media Works - Videography and Independent Film

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For a limited time get your Save the Date video or Pre-Wedding Formal video for free when booked with a full wedding photography package!

Email Rebecca at effervescentmediaworks@gmail.com for more details.

Save the Date Videography

utah engagement videography-becca cole from Rebecca Mabey on Vimeo.

Save The Date-Videography-Sammie Ben from Rebecca Mabey on Vimeo.

Wedding Videography

Matt Alex EffervescentMediaWorksWEB from Rebecca Mabey on Vimeo.

Please email effervescentmediaworks@gmail.com for more info.


Independent Film

Effervescent Media Works has been bringing together independent film makers of the Salt Lake and Utah Valley together for several years now to create short independent films.

Below are a few of the films that EMW has created recently.
effervescent media works, rebecca mabey, 48 hr film festival, brandon ho, adam collet

Enter Handman is a shotrt 7 minute film created for the 2010 Salt Lake City 48 hr Film Festival. This year the theme line was "that's what I'm here for" and the prop everyone had to use was an egg. Everyone also had to include a reporter in their story. Our group drew comedy as the genre. After a very sleepless weekend we came out with a pretty great film!

The film is about a hand model who is mistaken for a reporter and end up getting kidnapped by the mob!

The head of our writing team was Connor Rickman, and it was directed by Brandon Ho.

More info to come!

morgan mabey, dork knight, connor rickman, matthew mabey, megan mabey, randall crail, rebecca mabey, effervescentmediaworks, liberty lester

Dork Knight is a short 20 minute comedy written and directed by Rebecca Mabey for a Grad. Ad. Production class at the University of Utah.

It is a fun slapstick comedy about a girl named Kate that makes the humorous mistake of posting herself on the internet as a paid friend. She meets one weirdo after the next until she comes across Chris, a helpless nerd who falls for her but doesn't even realize he has been paying for his dates due to the help of his roomate!

This film will be touring festivals this summer/fall.

More info to come!


roulette, danny culmer, dustin larson, adrienne hartvigsen, brian wesley, brandon ho, adam collet

Roulette is a short film written by Adam Collet, directed by Rebecca Mabey, and shot by Brian Wesley and Brandon Ho. Its run time is about 20 minutes. The film takes place in the 1920's. It is a tragic story about two men whom once friends bring themselves to play the deadly game of roulette over the tragic loss of their love.

The film takes us through a whirlwind of flashbacks as secrets and truths are revealed.

This film is currently in post production and will be touring festivals this summer/fall.

More info to come!