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F. A. Q.

I'm interested! How do I get started? utah wedding photographer
To start we will set up a free consultation. The consultation will allow you the opportunity to meet me in person, discuss the wedding and to preview large prints, wedding albums and a DVD Slide show. We will decide the look that fits you best and discuss potential locations for engagements and bridals. At the consultation we will decide on the wedding package that best fits your needs (or create a custom one.) We will also schedule your engagement and bridal session if applicable to the package.

All wedding packages include an online viewing gallery post wedding day or per session (varies per package) After we meet for engagements or bridals, pictures will be posted within 3-4 weeks.

When they are done being edited you will receive your High Res CD will all images edited with a full copy right release included. For the wedding day itself, all formal portraits are provided in their highest resolution, however, all other images, such as the cake, guests chatting etc, will be provided up to size 8x10. If you need a 20x30 of your aunt chatting it up with your uncle then simply refer to the online gallery to download the highest resolution. This arraignment allows me to provide you with the most images I can!

How much is a portrait session?

Please contact me for a full price list. My email address is effervescentmediaworks@gmail.com

What is the start to finish process for a portraiture session?
After you call or email us to schedule a session, and we decide on a location then we will meet for the session at the directly location, shoot some fun pictures. Within 3-4 weeks your pictures will be posted in an online gallery, with a CD also on its way via mail.

How long is your typical turn around to receive our pictures?

Please allow 3-4 weeks for portrait sessions. Weddings take a minimum of 6 weeks. Remember, I offer a LOT of fully edited pictures compared to any other photographer I have encountered.

newborns utahHow many pictures will I receive?

A LOT! Each package is different though so it will vary depending on how many hours of coverage there are, the sessions your choose, the number of locations included etc. For a quick idea, for example, an engagement session will include approximately 100 fully edited beautiful pictures. To get a further idea, you can browse through client galleries. I do try to upload pictures as I edit them, so therefore the newest galleries are not always complete. You can browse client galleries here.

Do you offer a rush service?

If you are needing pictures or prints in a hurry I do offer a rush service. Cut the usual time in half and receive your prints or proofs faster than my usual turn around time. Just add a 25% charge to the standard session price.  To apply the rush, please notify me at the time of the session.  For rushed wedding day photos, please contact me directly with your needs and desires for the rush . . . as it is challenging to rush edit ALL of the pictures from the wedding day.  I am more than happy to discuss rush editing a specified group of the desired pictures from the wedding day (i.e. family pictures, bridal and groom at location, cake cutting, etc.)   

What does it mean to own the copy right release to my images? Will I own the rights to my images so I can print them engagements salt lake citywherever I like?

It means you can print your pictures with whomever and wherever you like, and as many as you like. No restrictions.

YES! All sessions, packages etc include a FULL copy right release, meaning you can print your pictures with whomever and wherever you like! I highly recommend getting your pictures professionally printed. A quick super market one hour photo won't give your images the visual quality you deserve! 

Do you offer print services?

Yes! You can print through me through your online gallery. To order prints you will see a button in the right corner that says 'buy' and you can click it to reveal 'this photo'. From there you can order and check out all your favs, and go to the cart when you are done.

How do I use my print credit included in my package?

Shopping for your prints occurs from within your online gallery, simply placing the cursor over each photo will allow you to select print options and add to-be-printed photos to your cart. Then when you are done, go to your cart and go through the check-out process. Near the end of check-out the system will ask you if you have a code (displaying a small coupon code box). Contact me with your total, which we will take off your credit and you can put the code I'll give to you into the box to complete your order.

** Please note that shipping and handling is not included as part of the print credit.

What is the benefit of having print credit with my package as opposed to just buying prints later?

Doing print credits as part of a package get you a great discount. It varies per package, but for example, a $400 print credit will really only cost you about $300 if done as part of a package. Plus, you will end up with beautiful professional quality prints!

What print finishes do you recommend?

Matte or Lustre.

I am currently looking at Wedding Photographers. Can I set up a consultation?

Yes! I offer free consultations! Come in and have a look. Wedding photography is very important and thus finding the right look for the right price fitting your needs can be difficult. Contact us today to set up a free consultation! 801-583-1655 or email us at effervescentmediaworks@gmail.com

I am out of State or too far away to meet for a consultation, what can I do?

headshots utah, actor headshots slc, modeling headshots ut, slc fashion photographyLet's talk. A phone consultation will have to do:)

Do you offer specials and discounts?

Yes! Updates regarding specials, discounts, coupon codes and even giveaways are posted on our facebook page. Be sure to 'like' our page to stay informed on all of the fun deals.

What do you charge for travel?

To give you a quick idea, travel down to Utah county is $35. Please see my price list for a larger list of travel pricing.  Destinations further afield (ie out of driving distance) will need to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis

Travel is included for locations from Provo to Ogden for complete wedding packages (meaning the package includes engagements, bridals and wedding day.)

What are some good locations in Utah for Pictures?

If you want to stay mostly inside (during the winter): Joseph Smith Memorial Building, Various building interiors in downtown Salt Lake City, University of Utah Historic Circle, and I also have a portable studio for indoor shooting of small groups. Even when it is chilly outside and a bit grey doesn't mean that your pictures will be! I have a lot of colorful locations, elegant snowy ones, indoor/ outdoor variety, locations that are just as colorful in the winter as in the summer.

For a detailed look at some locations click here!

Or you can ask us for more details! We have tons of fun locations to take pictures at all over Utah valley. We know of all types of fun engagement locations in Salt Lake City , Sandy, Orem, Provo, Bountiful, Draper, Park City, etc. We also can recommend a wide variety of engagement locations in Utah depending on what types you are looking for. Rustic Engagement locations, traditional, contemporary, classical, all nature, garden tended nature, even several urban grunge locations located throughout Utah valley. We will work together to find the perfect match for you!

What kind of editing do you do?

I am a meticulous editor. I treat every photo I touch like I am the one in it. Goodbye zits, double chins, red eye, a sunburn, tired eyes, trash, undesired background objects and people, etc. My editing style is typically very colorful. I love color! I clean up my pictures without making the people look like plastic. Natural is best! However I will smooth skin tones, enhance colors, etc as needed. Upon request, I do occasionaly edit with a vintage flare.

Do you outsource your services to just editing?

Unfortunately I do not outsource my editing talents. I cannot guarantee that the quality will match what I myself offer as a photographer.  Poorly shot images often involve very time consuming editing that may not even result in an adequate final image . . . with limited editing time available, I must place my efforts in providing the very best final images to my photography session clients.  Please tread carefully when selecting a photographer.

What suggestions do you have for what to wear for engagement pictures?artistic wedding photography salt lake city

Please check out the following blog post here.

What should I bring for my bridal photography session?

Please check out the following blog post here.

Do you do DVD Slide shows?

Yes! Many of my complete wedding packages include them. Slide shows contain up to 99 slides (From experience, this is the highest number of photos that guests will be comfortable watching either sitting or standing!)

Slideshows can contain any of the follow combination's:

Engagements, Bridals

Growing up pictures, engagements, bridals

Growing up pictures, engagements

Engagements, Bridals and Wedding Day

Additional pictures may be added. It is $50 to add an additional 50 images. We do not do per image pricing. If you are wanting to include growing up pictures, they will need to be provided in an envelope, in the desired order and lightly penciled on the back. If they do not need to be scanned in, then a CD with pictures, numbered in the order can be included.

And lastly, a CD with the desired songs, please provide 5 songs (all may not be used as song length vary) and specification as to the desired order, and 1-2 give or take songs.

To simplify things (ensuring that the slideshow isn’t lost), we simply bring the slide show to the reception itself so it is one less thing you need to worry about!




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