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Your event or session has concluded, and you have your beautiful images to share away on social media. But there is really something so special about sitting next to your loved ones whether it be over the holidays or just with a visit and pulling open a hand crafted, geniune leather professional album. It is a timeless way of sharing those memories again and again with the ones you love. Each time you pull it off the shelf or up from the coffee table, it will be a treasure to open again and again. After all, a tree in the forest never fell unless someone heard it right? It is the same with pictures. If our memories are not treasured then they are forgotten.

Senior Pictures Album- Montage from Rebecca Mabey on Vimeo.

At a wedding, it is the flowers, the tears, the joys, the promises made.

For a new mother and father, it is the chubby cheeks, those cute toothy smiles, those butterfly kisses.

For that highschool senior it is a reminder of how far they have come, where they are going and aconfidence reminder in their abilities to get there.


Our album design process is simple:

1. Choose from one of these 10 x 10 albums:

Geniune Leather

$960 - 20 pages

$1230 - 40 pages


RedPinkLight Blue

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$900 - 20 pages

$1129 - 40 pages


$825 - 20 pages

$1095 - 40 pages


$550 - 20 pages

$625 - 40 pages



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$825 - 20 pages

$1000 - 40 pages


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Cotton Canvas

$825 - 30 pages

$975 - 40 pages



Thin Leather

$550 - 30 pages

$725 - 40 pages

BlackNavy BlueGrayWhite

RedBrownDistressedBrown Distressed

2. We will use our vision to create more then just your pictures collected in one place, but a story unfolded.

Our designs are simple, uncluttered and timeless.

3. After 2 weeks, we will send you a proof for any requested changes (with the help of your online gallery)

For example: Please swap out image ___ with image # ___. These changes are usually very few if any.

Once changes have been made, the final selection will recieve a once over of touchups needed.

4. Approve and order.

5. Await your handcrafted family heriloom and memory keepsake.

An investment worth while.

Email Rebecca at effervescentmediaworks@gmail.com to start the album process now.

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