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Salt Lake City


Location Description Price  

Captiol Building

Salt Lake City

-Large stone coloumns outside

-Marble columns inside

-Various other stones fixtures and steps.

-Large open terrace with lights poles.

*reservation required. Varying on state affairs.






Down Town SLC Salt Lake City

- old and new buildings

- lots of variety, color, textures ect.

- Retro, vintage, 50's






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Fairmount Natorium


- cobble stone

- pond

- big trees

- large trees

- small playground

- park benches





Fort Douglas

Salt Lake City

-old textured brick buildings with old doors and windows


-Old traditional movie theater

-old trees

-modern suspention bridge






Garden Park Salt Lake City

- Fun colorful as well as traditional arch.

- pond

- small waterfalls

- bridge

- white coloums

- benches, lamp posts




International Peace Gardens

West Valley City

- Flowers

- Archways

- benches

- various international fixtures

- bridges

- streams

- railroad tracks

** best time with flowers in full bloom is mid-late august


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Down Town SLC Salt Lake City

- Mezzanie filled with ornate gold decor, stained glass ceiling

- chandlers

- large windows





Liberty Park

Salt Lake City

- Location: Salt Lake City

- Tree filled park

- Gazzebos

- Bridge

- Flowers

- Long walkways

- Small Ferris Wheel



Memory Grove

Salt Lake City

- Marbel Column Gazzebo

- Stone Chapel with Columns

- Garden Plants and flowers

- Willow Trees

- Stone walls, steps and bridges

-City Creek

- Small Pond

- Light posts

- Various stone fixtures

- Pathways

- Tall Grasses and mowed grass


Miller Park Salt Lake City

- Tree filled glen with a stream and trail

- Bridges

- Water falls

- Stone walls

- Flowers

- Long Flowing green grass and rocks



Red Butte Gardens Salt Lake City

- Beautiful Flowers and foliage

- Stone walls and paths

- water falls

- mountainous background

* this location must be reserved.


$ 50 permit fee + $12 per person  
Salt Lake City Downtown Salt Lake City

- contemporary/ urban looks

- color!

- flowers

- tree lined sidewalks

- nearby alleyways and shopping areas

- vine covered buildings



Salt Lake City Courthouse Salt Lake City

- historic courthouse

- fountains

- trees large and small, flowers




Salt Lake City Library Salt Lake City

- modern architechture

- contemporary look

- glass, metal and concrete textures

- stair fountain

- bride

- flowers

- Salt Lake City Courthouse

- nearby alleyways and shopping areas

- reflection pond


outside= FREE

Inside+Roof = $100/hr


Down Town Urban Grunge Salt Lake City

- old weathered buildings

- various colors and textures





Salt Lake Foothills

Salt Lake City

-grassy rolling hills



-long streching pathways

-overlook of the city












SLC Salt Lake City

- old warehouses and buildings

- decaying woods, worn paints, decaying brick and stucco, various color, textures ect.

- Vintage feel

- Rail road tracks





Sugar House Shopping District

Salt Lake City

- coloful shopping area

- trees

- flowers

- streams

- modern and older architecture





Tanner Park

Salt Lake City

- playground

- pathways

- variety of trees

- grass/ stone ampitheater

- tall grasses

- vine covered trees

- hang over deck with trees

- overlook of mountains and trees


Sugar House Park Salt Lake City

- big trees

- stream

- waterfalls

- stone steps

- stone wall

- playgrounds

- large pond


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SLC Industrial


- Old London Double Decker Bus

- Vintage look

- Various rough textures

- Availablity Mon-Friday 2-5pm

** Keep in mind that locations such as these are always changing!











Temple Square Salt Lake City

- flowers

- fountains

- stone columns

- steps

- stone structure with vines

- stone carvings and other such fixtures on the buildings



This is the Place Heritage Park Salt Lake City

- Historic Grounds of where the Pioneers first entered the valley

- Old buildings

- Farmland

- Open fields

-Hand carts

- old wooden fences


University of Utah Circle

Salt Lake City

- Columns

- Stone

- Long pathways with trees

- steps

- historic buildings

- modern glass and metal architecture buildings


The Gateway

Salt Lake City


-Colorful surroundings


- fountains

- walkway bridges

Zobell Private Residence Salt Lake City

- brick pathways that weave in and out of a woodland glen

- Open wild areas that overlook city

- Moss covered trees, Pine trees, aspens

- Wild flowers

- Blossoms and Garden Flowers

- Several large window for elegant indoor shots



Lindsay Gardens Salt Lake City

- Beautiful overlook of the city

- Playground

- Grass covered hill

- sports bleachers

- large trees