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Classical Locations


Location Description Price  

Captiol Building

Salt Lake City

-Large stone coloumns outside

-Marble columns inside

-Various other stones fixtures and steps.

-Large open terrace with lights poles.

*reservation required. Varying on state affairs.






Castle Ampitheater + Orchard


- castle ambience

- Shakespearen feel

- Orchard (occasionally accompanied with deer)

**note- this location will require a reservation. Availablity may vary.





Garden Park Salt Lake City

- Fun colorful as well as traditional arch.

- pond

- small waterfalls

- bridge

- white coloums

- benches, lamp posts




Memory Grove

Salt Lake City

- Marbel Column Gazzebo

- Stone Chapel with Columns

- Garden Plants and flowers

- Willow Trees

- Stone walls, steps and bridges

-City Creek

- Small Pond

- Light posts

- Various stone fixtures

- Pathways

- Tall Grasses and mowed grass



Temple Square Salt Lake City

- flowers

- fountains

- stone columns

- steps

- stone structure with vines

- stone carvings and other such fixtures on the buildings



Thanksgiving Point Lehi

- Flowers

- Fountains


- Terraces

- Streams

- Mountainous Backgrounds

-Water Tower Plaza Reception Areas
$75.00 + admission

Thanksgiving Point Gardens

Combination Pass
- A combination pass for both the Water Tower Plaza Reception Areas and Thanksgiving Point Gardens


-$10.00 per adult.


University of Utah Circle

Salt Lake City

- Columns

- Stone

- Long pathways with trees

- steps

- historic buildings

- modern glass and metal architecture buildings